Dr. Johan Stjernholm Biography



Dr. Johan Stjernholm is born in Sweden, and moved to London in 1999. Johan first trained dance at Ballettakademien (the Academy of Ballet) in Sweden, and subsequently studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Laban conservatoire in London. Johan graduated from Laban in 2002 with a BA (Hons.) in Dance Theatre, and in 2003 with an MA in European Dance Theatre Practice from Laban.The same year he also started his own award winning and critically acclaimed dance company Space Engineering.In the spring of 2010, Johan finalised his PhD thesis, in which he develops new notions of perception
of dance and creative choreographic processes. After receiving his title as a Doctor, Johan started to work as a Lecturer in Choreography and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dance in London.
Over the years, Johan has been working together with some of the most distinguished dance practitioners and scholars in the UK, including the choreographer Rosemary Butcher, the choreologist Dr. Valerie Preston-Dunlop, and the scholar Prof. Helen Thomas. In 2012, Johan and Flora Zeta Cheong-Leen started to collaborate in the form of the Wu Tian Yuan Ballet.