The Conservatory of International Style and Cultural Arts (CISCA) was founded in 2009 by international Fashion Designer and Ballerina Flora Zeta Cheong-Leen (Dr. h.c.).

CISCA combines the best teaching methods to give our students a rewarding, fun, and high quality professional dance training In our teaching, we apply the latest pedagogical research and contemporary thinking, as well as traditional classical techniques. Our aim is to create an environment that stimulates an individual to build her or his own cultural lifestyle in today’s 21st century world; a world were the creative arts play a more important aspect of the modern child’s development than ever before.

Ballet and Modern Dance with CICSA is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn dance and creativity in a stimulating, exciting, and enriching environment. Students develop multiple physical and mental skills and learn to channel their creative energies using musicality, imagination and dance to aspire to new heights of performing excellence.

CISCA’s cross-disciplinary roster of internationally established professionals includes Creative Directors, Producers, Choreographers, Art Teachers, and distinguished practitioners within the fields of Fine Arts. CISCA operates internationally through partnerships and collaborations with performing arts schools, talent agencies, universities, and established professional artists.