September 2014 

School Policy

CISCA has recently revised its rules and regulations in order to maintain the high level of teaching and student care. Pl  ease obtain the updated document from a member of staff, read thoroughly, sign and return the disclosure as proof of agreement.

‘Watching Week’ will be held three times throughout the year, during which all classes will be open for parent or guardian observation. The designated dates are:  20th-26th October 2014, 23rd-29th March 2015 and 3rd-9th May 2015. For further details please contact your class teacher close to the reserved dates.

Please check the new class schedule to ensure that you attend the correct class, time and location. Please help us to reduce late payments by keeping on top of yourclass fees by paying in advance or upon arrival to class.

Ballet Boutique

CISCA now has two ballet boutiques for all your dance class needs… One store is located at the front of the Today Art Museum Studio and the other is ground floor of Lido Plaza. Our stores stock RAD approved class and examination uniform as well as a large selection of beautiful accessories, gifts and children’s clothes. Don’t forget to stop by for all your ballet class essentials.

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