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CISCA 之 为什么跳舞? Why dance?
来源: | 作者: 北京天爱艺术培训 | 发布时间: 2021-03-17 | 15 次浏览 | 分享到:
Why dance?
The body knows and the body remembers
因为身体很有智慧, 它有它独特的记忆

If there is one thing that dance has taught me, it is to live more fully, to learn to love both the difficult and the wonderful. It is probably one of the few things in life that requires but also fulfills the whole of myself.

I started learning dance, like a lot of children, at a ballet class. I do not remember when I fell in love with this art form but I just knew it is something that I would like to do for the rest of my life. I remember my teenage years as hours of dancing, and hours of watching dance performances on the internet or whatever I can get my hands on. It was my dream to become a ballerina. I worked very hard but it did not turn out the way I wanted it to. Instead it led me to other paths, in some way, better dreams. This love for dance has taken up many forms, transformed and accompanied me in different ways over the years.

It led me to the wonderful city of London where I was immersed in a particular way of life. It has taught me to fall in love with reading, because I finally found something that truly interests me, biographies and stories of famous dancers, books and articles about anatomy, body conditioning, history of dance etc. From there, I started to read poems that touch me, novels that move me, and scientific research about the body, our relationship with the environment that intrigues me. It introduced me to the world of art, to the wonderful theatres, galleries and museums where so much beauty, creativity and human history is shared. It brought me to the field of somatics, where I research and give classes to bring movement and creativity into people’s life.

I started to see the transformative power of dance and ways that it enables us to see the world differently. It led me to perform and create, on stage, in galleries, on the streets, in different parts of the world.  It opened me up to different types of music, cultures, people that I admire, friends and colleagues who share the same passion and continue to learn from each other. I have become a dance teacher, in ballet, modern, contemporary dance, and contact improvisation. And I am also a creator and performer. All aspects of life become inspiration for my creations and my teaching.

It is as if everywhere I look, it leads me back to this art form, back to the body. We communicate through the body and experience the world through the body. Dancing is the most direct and ancient expression that we have as humans.  What can be better than a body that has strength and freedom, and being a person that is whole and healthy? Our body is intelligent. It thinks and learns all the time.
就好像我看的每一个地方,它都把我带回到这种艺术形式,回到身体。我们通过身体交流,通过身体体验世界。跳舞是我们人类最直接和最古老的表达,交流方式。有什么能比成为一个强壮自由的身体,一个完整健康的人更好呢? 我们的身体非常聪明,它一直都在思考和学习。

 So perhaps as adults, our job is to provide and expose the younger generation to a nourishing environment where they can continue to flourish in their unique and beautiful way. Dance has taught me to take care of myself, to be respectful, responsible and adaptable. And when I am well, I feel I can share more, take care of others and contribute to the world around me.

As a dance teacher, in the studio I try my best to share with the students my discoveries and things that I have learnt from my teachers. As a parent, you can support your child’s learning by allowing them to be curious, expose them to what they are interested in. Except for learning from their fellow dance friends, or the older students that your child may look up to, with the convenience of the internet, put it to good use as there is so much to see and learn too! Different dance companies all over the world, with a large variety of productions, dancers sharing their experience, different cultural stories and histories… the list goes on.

Let your children find their ‘hero/heroine’ in dance; let them learn about how ballet started and what happened after; let them feel the magic of being in a theatre, of watching performances; let them enjoy the thrill of moving together as one with others. Whether your child is in love with dance or it may just be one of their weekly activities, let them continue... because years later they will still remember - the simple joy of dancing.
让你的孩子找到在舞蹈中他们的“男/女英雄”; 让他们了解芭蕾是如何开始的,以及之后发生了什么; 让他们感受到身处剧院,舞台,观看表演的魔力; 让他们享受与他人一起舞动的刺激。不管你的孩子是否爱上了跳舞,或者只是他们每周的活动之一,让他们继续...因为多年以后,他们仍然会记得跳舞时那种简单,纯粹的愉悦。